(names and personal details have been changed to protect confidentiality)

"I am not a fatalist. But suppose we all have a destiny. Then the only way to change it would be through psychotherapy. Imagine that you are an actor and are playing the same role in the same play every evening. What will happen, if you suddenly start playing a different character? The whole play will have to change!”

Writer and TV Producer

(names and personal details have been changed to protect confidentiality)

“Thank you for helping me to “discover myself”. I guess my work stress was due mainly to the fact that I was doing a job that was not really “me” at all!”

Sales Manager


“Counselling enabled us to start talking like adults, openly expressing our needs and feelings, rather than playing the same “broken record” again and again.”

Matt and Lisa



Anna Storey Registered Independent Counsellor British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy I am a BACP Accredited Counsellor and Coach, based in Mayfair, London W1. I also have offices in the City, EC2 and Thame, Oxfordshire.

I offer telephone and Skype consultations to my international clients.

My specialism is self-confidence and personal transformation. The types of issues my clients bring to me include: -

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Career problems
  • Body Images issues
  • Weight Management
  • Relationship problems
  • "Midlife Crisis"

My belief is that we all have the ability to transform, using our own resources to achieve a better life. These beliefs are based on my personal journey as well as 15 years' experience of helping people achieve their full potential.

In my previous career, I worked as an Advertising Executive for an international agency and for a multinational. These experiences have given me an insight into organisational dynamics and work related stress.

My lifelong passion for yoga and meditation gives me a perspective on the body mind relationship, allowing me to help clients looking for balance and grounding.

I follow the BACP Code of Ethics.