How eating habits in your family of origin are still affecting you now

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How the attitude to food in your family is still ruling your life now

Questions to consider: When and how food was consumed?

If you look back at the meal times in your family, what do you remember? Was it a special occasion? Did all the family get together for a meal or was everyone eating separately? Where was dinner eaten – in front of the tv, in the kitchen, in the dining room? Was the mealtime an opportunity to talk and discuss the events of the day or was it an ordeal to be endured? Your eating habits right now are made up of these memories. If some of your eating patterns are unhealthy and you would like to change them, you have to go back to the past.

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Food in Your Family of Origin

Another important topic to clarify before you start dieting is the attitude to food in your family of origin.
Here are some questions to consider:
What was the attitude to food in your family? Was it a pleasure? Or was it an enemy? Was food used as a reward?
Were any members of your immediate family overweight? If so, what was the general attitude towards them? Was somebody in your family underweight? Was anyone on a diet?
The relationship with food in your family of origin played an important part in establishing your feelings around food in general. By understanding the roots of your troubles you will find better ways to work through these issues.

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A Lesson in History

If you were to look back at the history of your weight problems – when did it start? At school, earlier than that, or was it quite recent?
It is very important to remember exactly when you realized you are overweight and decided, that it is a problem. Were there any significant events in your life that precipitated it?
Very often an unresolved trauma from the past can trigger a weight gain. When you process the traumatic event in therapy and “let it go”, extra weight often goes with it.

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Do you love yourself?

The fourth question, that you will need to ask yourself before starting any weight loss regime is: Do you love/like yourself? Do you like yourself as you are now, before you have achieved your perfect weight? If you don’t like yourself enough, any diet is bound to fail – dieting will become yet another tool to punish yourself or to “prove” to yourself how “bad” you really are.
If you are uncertain whether you like yourself or not, look at yourself in the mirror. Very often my clients would report that they avoid mirrors altogether. But this time, do have a good long look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? If you don’t like the way you look – what is it in particular that you don’t like? Is there anything at all that you do like? Any images, thoughts or memories that come to you at this moment are important and provide a valuable information about your relationship with yourself. Do you hear any voices from your past, describing your appearance in any particular way? When you are finished, write everything down and think about when this dislike for yourself might be coming from.