Weight Management after Christmas 3

angryWeight Management after Christmas

Question no 3:

What does “being overweight” means for you?

Following on from the previous post, we are now going to explore what does your weight mean for you? What is the significance of being big?

When you imagine yourself being thin – how are you feeling?
Happy and energized or, maybe, a bit scared? Has your weight become a sort of “protection” against various problems in your
life? This is a topic worth exploring before starting on a weight
loss regime. If your weight has become your defense, you are unlikely to part with it easily.

For one of my clients being overweight was an excuse to stick with a dead end job. Whenever she started thinking of changing jobs, she told herself that the potential employers will be prejudiced against her because of her weight. Another client stayed in an abusive relationship because she was scared to be left on her own if she were to leave.

Think of any issues and problems that you might be putting off, using your weight as an excuse. Work out solutions now, then becoming thin might not seem so “scary”!

Weight Management after Christmas 2

WMC:seaWeight Management after Christmas

Question no 2:
In what ways will your life change when you will achieve your target weight?

After establishing your goals and writing them down, it would be useful now to do the following exercise:
Imagine yourself being the weight and size you want to be. How do you look? What are you wearing? How do you relate to people and how do people relate to you? As you are imagining that, what feelings do you experience?
I found, to my great surprise, that very often my clients experienced fear. If you have been overweight for a while, your extra weight could have become your “protective shell”. Loosing it might bring a sense of being exposed.
You might be worried that your friends will treat you differently or that you will attract more attention of the opposite sex. Really let these fears come up and explore them. Unless you know what you are scared off, you are bound to “fail” in any dieting attempts. On the other hand, when you can comfortably imagine yourself being thin and living your life as a thin person, actually loosing these extra kilos will be easy.

Following on from that topic, next time we will discuss what your extra weight might mean for you on an emotional level

Weight Management after Christmas

anis-2170626_1280January is the time of year when many people start a diet. Before you do so, here are a few questions to ask yourself. If you will be clear with your answers, it will mean that you are ready to get fit and know exactly what you want. If not, you better take some time reflecting upon them and finding your answers.

Question no 1:
How thin is enough?

Working with my clients on weight management issues, I often find that a client really wants to loose weight, but does not know exactly how thin he or she would like to be. If that is a case, however successful your diet will be, you will never feel truly satisfied.
Imagine yourself being the ideal weight – what size are you? what is your weight? how are you feeling? what kind of clothes are you wearing? Write everything down and think again, really become this “thinner you”. When you are absolutely convinced that this is the size and weight you would like to be, you are ready to explore the next question.